The Best and Most Affordable Web Hosting Companies: 2014

Finding a company with affordable web hosting that is both trustworthy and efficient can be a difficult task. Whether you’ve been in business for quite some time or your business is just getting off the ground, finding a reputable company to generate the right traffic can contribute to the success of your business. The following are some of the best and most affordable web hosting companies for 2014.


According to reputable claims in the industry, FatCow is one of the most inexpensive and finest web hosting providers on the market. From unlimited disk storage and email accounts to monthly transfers and domains, FatCow is reaching above average customer satisfaction ratings.

In addition to being budget-friendly, an SEO company should have a knowledgeable team of individuals at the ready. FatCow has a qualified group of experts that takes helping the customer to a whole new level. Their fast response time and amazing software capabilities also put them ahead of the competition.


While an affordable web hosting plan is a plus when it comes to your SEO needs, you also want a provider who is reliable and patient. This makes it easy to get a hold of someone when you have issues or questions day or night. It also ensures that your problems are rectified in a calm and efficient manner.

InMotion is a dedicated and reliable company to park your web host requirements. It really offers you that fast and efficient service that’s really needed and appreciated by their customers. If your company is large and has a steady stream of excessive web traffic, InMotion is the best for most business websites.


Green living isn’t just for clean air and recycling. You can now take your web hosting needs further by utilizing an environmentally savvy company. Founded in Los Angeles, GreenGeeks is a rapidly expanding company with over 100,000 websites currently hosted.

Great for beginners and simple to navigate, this user-friendly company can help businesses with emails, blogs, website set up and shopping cart access. They are also kind to Mother Nature with their energy-efficient data centers that are generated through wind power. This makes their servers fast, efficient and capable of high-speed web hosting activities that are competitive with other companies.

SEO has been an instrumental marketing tool that has helped a number of businesses achieve optimum success. While cost and reliability can contribute to finding the best and affordable web hosting company, you’ll find that competency, reputation, customer service and a clean record to be just as crucial when it comes to hiring the best.