An Ergonomics Products That Can Save Your Back

It’s hard to find legitimate ergonomic products for laptops these days, with the market being saturated by import/export “specialists” that once did a seminar and think China is the secret for profit. People are waking up to these products, and now are seeking quality products as they not only last longer, but provide what you pay for. See three amazing products below that you need for your laptop bag. All entrepreneurs and business people can benefit from the advice below.

Laptop Stands

There are many laptop stands out there that claim they won’t break, that they’re medically approved or can any laptop. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true and I’ll tell you what you need to be looking out for. In Australia there is only one medically approved laptop stand with materials sourced from medical suppliers. The Roost Laptop Stand is growing in the United States and has finally come to Australia. Save My Back provide the medically approved laptop stand to the Oceania region.

Mechanical Keyboards

Everyone loved a good keyboard, right? That clicking sound on a mechanical keyboard is one of the best feelings. Although Razer aren’t medically approved, they do optimise their keyboard for gamers that sit there for hours on end. So they’re onto something. The Razer Blackwidow is one of the most popular gaming keyboard on the market in 2017, and you’ll be surprised how many EMP lighting profiles you’ll see in the office.

Ergonomic Mouse

Once again the gamers provide, but this time I’m recommending Logitec. They have their mouse game onpoint and I wouldn’t steer away from them if you’re used to the style of the mouse. I do recommend upgrading every couple of years to the new models, the cogs wear out and the batteries will start to die, making it useless for transport. PC World wrote a great article covering the best for 2017.



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