An Ergonomics Products That Can Save Your Back

It’s hard to find legitimate ergonomic products for laptops these days, with the market being saturated by import/export “specialists” that once did a seminar and think China is the secret for profit. People are waking up to these products, and now are seeking quality products as they not only last longer, but provide what you pay for. See three amazing products below that you need for your laptop bag. All entrepreneurs and business people can benefit from the advice below.

Laptop Stands

There are many laptop stands out there that claim they won’t break, that they’re medically approved or can any laptop. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true and I’ll tell you what you need to be looking out for. In Australia there is only one medically approved laptop stand with materials sourced from medical suppliers. The Roost Laptop Stand is growing in the United States and has finally come to Australia. Save My Back provide the medically approved laptop stand to the Oceania region.

Mechanical Keyboards

Everyone loved a good keyboard, right? That clicking sound on a mechanical keyboard is one of the best feelings. Although Razer aren’t medically approved, they do optimise their keyboard for gamers that sit there for hours on end. So they’re onto something. The Razer Blackwidow is one of the most popular gaming keyboard on the market in 2017, and you’ll be surprised how many EMP lighting profiles you’ll see in the office.

Ergonomic Mouse

Once again the gamers provide, but this time I’m recommending Logitec. They have their mouse game onpoint and I wouldn’t steer away from them if you’re used to the style of the mouse. I do recommend upgrading every couple of years to the new models, the cogs wear out and the batteries will start to die, making it useless for transport. PC World wrote a great article covering the best for 2017.



LHD Lawyers Moves Location in Sydney

LHD Lawyers, famous for class action lawsuit and compensation claims with a high success rate has moved location. We are sending the message out that the Google My Business listing is incorrect, with no help from Google Support at all. This opens the doors in my opinion as they’ve expressed to me there is no Google Business System and they have no control over what is listed.

Correct Details for LHD Lawyers

Address: 8/151 Castlereagh Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 1800 455 725
My Business:

LHD Lawyers have been operating for over 25 years, supporting thousands of Australians and helping them receive the compensation they deserve. Lhd Lawyers are located in Sydney’s central business district (Sydney CBD) and are ready to take your call.

LHD Lawyers specialise in the following areas:

  • Compensation Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Superannuation Law
  • General Practice Law

Nobel Biocare NobelProcera to be Featured on “How It’s Made”

I just got the news that Nobel Biocare’s NobelProcera factory will be featured on the tv show How It’s Made. This is huge on so many levels and I thought I would take just a minute to talk about it here.

First, Nobel Biocare must be given credit where it is due. They really did launch CAD/CAM manufacturing for dental technology. They were the innovator of not just CAD/CAM manufacturing, but also the center-of-excellence manufacturing model that uses remote scanners and centralized manufacturing. In fact, if not for Nobel Biocare and Procera, Dale Dental would not have begun when it did. Read story here.

I’ve walked through the Nobel Procera facility where the show was filmed and its sheer size would sooner have you believe it makes cars rather than tiny little teeth. The amount of equipment, automation, and technology under that one roof is enough to make anyone marvel and definitely worthy of the retail consumers attention.

As a fan of How It’s Made I’ve often thought what a natural fit the technological evolution in dental technology would make for that show, but sometimes wondered how it could be positioned to capture the real interest of the consumer. I get the possible headlines, High Tech Teeth, 21st Century Teeth, etc. Even dental technologies humble and most well-known beginning carving wooden teeth for George Washington compared to modern CAD/CAM, offer an immediate “stay tuned” appeal.

What I am most interested in seeing, however, is the part that will affect demand for the Nobel Procera restorations and how that affects our business. Nobel Biocare’s NobelProcera line has so many options and features that it is hard to know exactly what they will choose to make the big focus and “take away” message of the show.

The mass market appeal and opportunity Nobel would likely want to capitalize on is the ease and speed of doing implant procedures using patient scans and pre-planning treatment and the crown and rest of parts that follow, however, I am not sure that procedure offers the most sizzle for the target audience. The How it is Made show typically like showing mechanized robots and don’t always capture on the value created for the customer, although the latter is not really the shows purpose. Add to that the fact that Nobel does not do intra oral impression scanning yet, so the show cannot really capture that huge benefit unless they plan on including other manufacturers, etc – which I doubt is the case.

Anyway, it’s a win on so many levels and I am sure that Nobel and the show’s producers have already figured out how to create the most wins for both sides. As someone in the industry, I am always happy to see increased exposure brought to what we do and I applaud Nobel Biocare’s efforts in continuing its efforts to bring our industry to light.

In Australia, it’s quite common for Painfree Dentistry Parramatta to be ahead of the game, which includes their injex system and cosmetic orthodontics.

Here’s some information straight from the press release:
NobelProcera™ manufacturing facility to be featured on the television program “How It’s Made”

Nobel Biocare is pleased to announce that their state-of-the-art CAD/CAM dental manufacturing facility has been chosen to be featured in an upcoming episode of How It’s Made. The segment was filmed at the company’s Mahwah, NJ facility and will focus on how a dental crown is designed and then individually manufactured.

How It’s Made is an international program produced by Productions Maj in Quebec, Canada. The show airs in more than 180 countries and focuses on the manufacturing process of many items such as airplanes, fiber optics, even toothpicks. The show has been on the air since 2001.

The segment on dental crowns is one of four topics that will be featured on this 30-minute season premiere on April 2, 2010 at 9 p.m. EST on the Science Channel. Check your local listings for the Science Channel in your area. If you have satellite TV you can view the program on DirectTV Channel 284 and Dish Network Channel 193.

Window Shutters vs Window Bars: What keeps out the thieves?

outside shutters

If you’re located in Australia, then perhaps you’re aware of businesses like Modern Shutters or Crimsafe (with that old granny and rugby player in the ad) that promise to keep criminals out. They’ve been pushing roller shutters down our faces for year (longer than I’ve been alive). My point is I’ve been put in the middle of this debate amongst friends and have no idea how to settle it. It’s pretty much “what is a better product” when it comes to roller shutters or window bars.

According to this post on the Allianz website “the most common way for burglars to enter your home is by forcing a window (39%) or door (31%)” which I completely agree with. The window is one of those things that you might forget to shut, where a door you’re going to close as you leave. So the argument is not if it’s safe or not, we all agree there, but a few of think window bars look like shit and imply the house has a shit tonne of valuable stuff. Roller shutters could just mean you’re a vampire or hate glare on the tele in the arvo.

This is pretty much what started the debate with my mates, and it all comes down to what is the better option.

Window Shutters

They have more than one purpose, which is my main argument. If you look at a place like Modern Roller Shutters, then you’re going to get a “security and privacy” guarantee. Sounds bloody good to me and you can just roll them down when your next door number has his Sunday afternoon naked stroll around the house. Can’t do that with bars!

That is not my entire argument, by the way, I’m also keen on having the ability to completely roll them up into the roof. That is badass to me and you can’t hide away your permanent windows bars.

Another point I’d like to make is window bars are often fitted incorrectly, where the bolts are visible. Well, well, well, doesn’t take a genius to know that taking out the bolts will allow the bars to slide out easily.

Window Bars

Ok, so to keep this argument “fair”, I’m adding in window bars and I’ll hand over the laptop for it to be written by someone on “team bars”.

Yes, window bars are much better because they don’t use electricity, some roller shutter don’t actually keep criminals out as a guarantee either, so you’re not always going to get the product you pay for. I’m always open to trying things out and I have tried roller shutters from crimsafe already. Load of crap! Wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

Sure, bars can be bolted from the outside but most of them time they’re sealed in so you can’t take them out easily.


I guess the best option depends on your preference. If you don’t mind the look of window bars and don’t particularly care about blocking out the sun, then go for your life. If you prefer to have a nice open window, roll down when the sun comes in or when you need privacy then go for roller shutters.

If you want to throw your two cents in, leave a comment below and I’m sure one of us will have a go. 🙂

What to do when you have no hot water


When faced with a no hot water situation, it is of utmost importance that you deal with the situation immediately. This is in order to get your hot water up and running again, and also, so as to avoid any possible damage to your home from a potential leak coming from the hot water unit. The circumstances of your no hot water issue will depend on a variety of factors, including ; the age of the hot water system, the type of water heater and its capacity, and, whether or not it has been serviced regularly. This article offers advice and includes some of the main issues to help get you through your no hot water difficulty, and ultimately help resolve the problem efficiently.

No hot water OR No water coming out of hot water taps at all

So, what do you do when you have no hot water ? Prior to calling a repairman, the best way forward is to write down a brief description of the problem at hand, so that the repairman is able to better prepare for your job.

  1. So, for example, you may have no hot water at all throughout the house (i.e. the water coming out of every single hot water tap is cold). This should be noted and brought to the attention of your repairman when phoning through the job.
  2. Whilst on the subject of no hot water, it is crucial not to get this confused with a similar situation in which you have no water from the hot water taps whatsoever. This will be treated in a different way to a no hot water circumstance, and so just to reiterate, it is essential that you give an exact job description to your repairman.

Hot water system details

The repairman should also be made aware of the specific details of your hot water system, such as:

  •   brand (e.g. Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, or Bosch)
  •   type (e.g. Electric, Gas, or Solar)
  •   model number
  •   date of manufacture
  •   location of hot water system

This information will automatically notify the repairman of all the necessary details of your water heater. These water heater details can also become important in the sense that some companies have experts on board who specialise in the repair of certain types of hot water systems.

So, if indeed you have an electric storage tank, you may want to get it serviced by a tradesman who is an absolute expert, specialising in the repair of electric hot water systems. That is, some repairmen are only familiar with electric water heaters, whereas others may only be familiar with gas water heaters. However, it is best to get a specialist hot water company to do this job as they will be familiar with all types of water heaters, and will even be prepared to replace your water heater immediately if it is required.

The number of times you will have no hot water during the life of the hot water system

It is not uncommon for you to encounter your first “no hot water” situation after as little as 2 years from the time of installation of the water heater. This will largely depend on the:

  • way in which your services to the house or apartment are set up
  • quality of the water heater
  • installation performed by the installer
  • degree in which the water heater is being used by the occupants of your home, and
    regular servicing of the water heater

However, statistics suggest that your hot water system would need a no hot water repair around 2-3 times (on average) during the course of its life.

Leaking hot water systems

You should also check to see if the water heater is leaking because, if it is, then it is important to let the repairman know of the exact location of the leak. For instance, the leak may be coming from the top of the tank, or it may be coming from the bottom of the tank. If the leak is coming from either the very top of or the base of the tank, then this will normally mean that the tank needs replacing, especially if the tank is more than 7 years old. However, this will typically happen at some point between 8 to 10 years after your water heater has been installed. This being the average lifespan of all hot water systems, regardless of quality and type.

This precise explanation of from where the leak is coming, will be vital information for the repairman. For example, in the case of a leak coming from behind the electrical panel of an electric water heater, this could mean either a leaking element OR a burst tank. Only an onsite inspection by the repairman will determine whether the hot water system can be repaired or whether it needs replacing. it is highly likely that it would be in need of complete replacement.

Phone a trustworthy hot water company for a quote

In addition to the above, and, in the event of a no hot water situation, your hot water system details would enable the repairman to provide you with a quote to get your hot water back on. When phoning a reputable (trustworthy) hot water company, it should be possible (the majority of the time), to get a quote over the phone, even before the repairman arrives on site. This is advantageous, in that you will at the very least have a guide as to how much your repair is going to cost, to get your hot water back on, before you commit to booking in the job. The information you provide will also allow the repairman to arrive on site well prepared, in anticipation of the exact nature of the repair. For example, what parts, if any, will be required to get your hot water returned to normal.

You should make the job description / hot water system details as accurate as possible, as the more accurate the information, the more accurate the quote will be. This accuracy of information is important because it will also allow for an accurate and professional finish to the job, without incurring any costly delays. Just a side note, even so, an important one, is to make sure that your chosen repairman has a full plumbing license. If your hot water system is electric, then you should ensure that he is equipped with both a full plumbing and electrical license.

One such company who can provide you with an excellent hot water service that is unsurpassed, is (business name removed). They have become leaders in the hot water industry over the last 30 years, with numerous legitimate customer testimonials, and are award winners for their excellence in the field. In fact, upon phoning their office you can be assured to be greeted by a friendly professional member of staff, who will methodically talk you through your no hot water situation in order to accurately quote you on the job at hand, and at the same time, organise for an appropriate repairman to come to your place, always at your convenience. By the way, due to their expertise in the field, (business name removed) can also help with hot water system installations, should your water heater be in need of replacement.

For further information on what to do if your hot water system bursts please refer to the article (what to do when your hot water system bursts). They provide a 24/7 emergency service, and so you can be rest assured that you will be treated promptly. This attention to being both professional and prompt can be a god send at times, especially, for example, when it comes to that unexpected infuriating moment, in the shower, when you run out of hot water. Getting a no hot water job rectified can also become super urgent, if for instance, you have a family with kids. However, regardless of your personal circumstances, you will still want your hot water back on as soon as possible.

Regular servicing of your hot water system

It is worth your while keeping a note in your diary as to when you should have your hot water system serviced. The regular servicing of your water heater will keep ongoing costs to a minimum and will ensure that it is working at its optimum level. If you have an electric or gas storage tank, the norm would be to have it serviced once every 3 years. If you have a gas continuous flow unit, then this should also be serviced once every 2-3 years as they tend to get clogged up, which will affect its performance.

In conclusion, we hope the above information helps you get the best advice and service during the life of your hot water system, and that it guides you when faced with a no hot water situation.

Local Sydney SEO Consultant Buys Primary Digital Solutions

online marketing
Caption: Image credit Dollarphotoclub-74205452

Primary Digital Solutions and Nick Cavarretta have come together under a new agreement. The director of Primary Digital Solutions had gladly sold the business to Nick, who owns online marketing business Nick Mi Mate. The new agreement entitles Nick to take complete ownership of Primary Digital Solutions, along with the current client base. Nick is excited about the scale of success achieved in such a short time.

Sydney, NSW — (ReleaseWire) — 12/11/2014 — Local SEO consultant, Nick Cavarretta has taken the risk and is currently expanding outside Sydney. Earlier in the year, Nick took on a business titled Primary Digital Solutions, which is currently migrating clients and services to his personally branded website

Nick has been officially involved with the internet since 2008, where he worked as a content creator and Front End Developer. In 2010 Nick decided to take his own path with his business Nick Mi Mate, which supplied email hosting, WordPress hosting and Front End Development for local businesses.

It was during 2012, when Nick became aware that promoting websites within search engines was a service on its own. In September, 2012, Nick launched his own SEO service which was personally branded. It was in 2013 when Personal Branding hit the Australian shores and local news articles, which is when Nick decided to offer services to select people within his circles. Today all of those people have their own personally branded business and have not looked back.

Nick Cavarretta says “It’s a great move to take on Primary Digital Solutions and I’m sure I can handle the work load. I’ve just hired a sales consultant to handle all the talking, just so I can focus on doing to technical work and bring my clients results. It’s all about results for me and future prospects only care about seeing what you can do for them.”

The next move for PDS clients is they will receive a courtesy email from Nick personally, where he will explain the situation and give them a chance to opt-in for a better service at the same prices they were paying. Nick and business partners have already discussed and are confident that clients will stay with them.

The next step for Nick Cavarretta is already being discussed, with a team of journalists coming together and a premium content creation company being formed in 2015.

For more information on this press release visit:

We got a quick comment from Nick to elaborate on the sale and what it means to the clients.

So Nick, with the sale of the overseas SEO agency, and you being only taking on clients in Australia, does this mean you’re expanding overseas?

No I’m still only taking on Australian businesses only. I will be keeping on the current clients from PDS with what services they had previously. To be honest there is only a handful of subscribers. PDS was mainly developing websites for people, but they had some back end data I wanted, which is why I bought the site.

What are you going to do with the backend data?

I’m launching another business in 2015 that is highly in demand for Australians. I’m not going to say much more than that.

Thanks, we will keep an eye on what is happening. Stay in touch via twitter.

Yeah thanks, I will.

What Is the Law of Averages in Business?

People often speak of the law of averages, but very few fully understand what it means. It’s often misunderstood as chance, or luck, which isn’t the same thing at all. Understanding the law of averages is essential if you’re going to flourish in many different businesses and in many different walks of life. Before we get to how the law of averages can help you succeed in business, let’s explain what it really means.

The law of averages means that if you perform a random action enough times, the results will even out.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? That simplicity can lead to trouble. It’s easy to misunderstand the concept of results evening out, and it can lead you to make rash decisions. Take this example:

Flip a coin one hundred times. The law of averages states that the coin will land on heads about fifty times, and on tails about fifty times.

That’s true as far as it goes, but where people get into trouble is expecting the coin to land on heads every other time. That’s very unlikely. Results even out over time if the sample size is large enough, but there can be streaks of outcomes that happen during long runs of the same activity. Businesses like casinos and insurance companies understand streaks, and calculate their profit margin on the sample size to guarantee that they make money.

Human Nature Sees Patterns Where They Don’t Exist

If you were to spin a roulette wheel, and you won on your first try, you’d be smart to leave the table. But human nature being what it is, you begin to convince yourself that small sample sizes are enough to determine outcomes. If you kept spinning the wheel, and kept losing, you might make the same mistake in the other direction, and assume that you’re “due” because you’ve lost so many times in a row. The law of averages doesn’t work that way. Your chances on the next spin are the same as on any random spin, and aren’t affected by what’s already happened. The casino has more money than you, so it can afford to wait for you to run out of money before your winning streak returns.

Use the Law of Averages To Stay on Track in Business

In business, if you know the ratio of success for an activity you’re familiar with, you can extrapolate using the law of averages to determine how much work you’ll have to do in the long run to make a quota, for instance. If one person in one hundred that receives a phone call pitch for a sale buys something, and you have to sell ten things, you should expect by the law of averages that you’d have to call a thousand people before you make your quota. If the first three people buy something, that doesn’t mean everyone will.

By using the law of averages, you can keep yourself from getting too depressed when a streak of bad luck comes along, or from getting giddy when you’re on a hot streak. In the long run, you’ll always prevail if you stick to your plan, and the plan was based on sound statistical analysis.


Happy Employees Equal a Happy Bottom Line

For decades, nearly all corporate companies have provided the coveted company retreat. This tactic has been used to quash company personality conflicts, promote team building, and allow employee’s insight to their fellow co-worker. People working in the same environment do not always bond together and the company retreat is used to promote interoffice working relationships.

In a lot of companies, this is known as “team building” where each person it required to participate in some kind of activity that requires workers to work together in a fun way. This encourages new working relationships and can improve productivity. There is a dark side to this also, where if done incorrectly, new enemies can be created and productivity declines or people resign.

You need to keep you employees happy, in a controlled environment without coming across and invading peoples privacy; big brother style surveillance.  Why waste company resources and take employees out of the daily work environment? Because it is proven that happy employees are productive employees. Productive employees create a healthier bottom line. A healthier bottom line secures jobs for all.

In this particular article, I’ll go over some of the points to inspire you into creating your own team building exercises.

An end to the company retreat?

Yes. The company retreat is coming to an end. Instead, the company retreat is becoming the new daily workplace. Creating a facility where ideas and solutions are created in groups is the norm. Individuality and personal accolades are terrific, and will get you hired within a great company. But not working well with others and being an anti-group employee will get you walking papers from even bad companies.

Companies such as Google give their employees “play time” where people can work on their own projects. These kind of activities not only make people happy, but can also benefit the company. Where do you think Orkut (Google Plus), Google Maps, Google News etc came from? They were all side project built in peoples “play time”.

A pro-employee workplace.

Creating a pro-employee workplace should be required in all University business management courses. Why and what is a pro-employee workplace? A thriving pro-employee workplace is a facility where employees are having fun at their job, enjoying being a part of the work force, and working as a team to increase the bottom line.

The new employee workplace is a relaxed, ergonomic environment that promotes individuals to express themselves. Gone are the days of micro managing individual employees placing them in high stress environments striving for barely attainable workloads. Today’s manager is more likely to engage employees on a therapeutic sofa while sharing coffee discussing industry hot topics and the ability to improve company relations abroad.

If you make you staff feel important and a low stress environment, you will receive highly motivated staff. This is really a no brainer to be honest. You don’t need to be the smartest manager in the world to realize that putting stress into your staff will only give you short term results.

Not just customer appreciation.

The new business needs to value the individual, give them purpose, and give their ideas credence when merited. Employees are now part of a group, instead of an underling waiting for individual reprimands and corporate censorship. They are now part of the decision making process and free thinking is highly touted in the workplace.

If you reward your staff – not just giving them an incentive to work harder – then you will be surprised how your company moral will change. If you’re giving away gifts unexpectedly, then you will be given loyalty in return.


Incorporation of these attributes, the new working environment is facilitating a more productive, highly motivated, and truly loyal employee. An employee that will work passionately for the business with little regard to cumulative hours worked. A higher sense of pride propels the employee to work harder for the overall company goals.


How To Come Up With Good Ideas To Market Your Product

Do you remember a time before the Internet? Probably not. The Internet has become a fact of life for everyone worldwide, and it’s a rare business indeed that doesn’t have at least a small web presence.

Businesses did exist before the Internet, and some of them flourished, too. If you’ve got a very limited marketing budget, and don’t have time for labour-intensive SEO strategies to bear fruit, or just like thinking outside the box for your marketing ideas, then you should think about using approaches that worked before there was an Internet at all. While we can’t recommend ignoring the Internet in today’s day and age, it’s possible to make a lot of money outside the Web, and it’s also smart to drive traffic to your web business from outside the web as well. Here are some approaches that worked in the era before the web was born:

Telephone Calls – Depending upon what you’re selling and who you’re calling, phone calls can have a much larger return on effort than almost any other form of customer interaction. If you’re familiar with Internet marketing statistics, conversions of web traffic into paying customers can be a fraction of one per cent and still be profitable. Phone calls to interested parties can convert at many times that rate, because you can persuade people that are talking to you in a way that a website can’t. Smart companies often have limited information on their website, and urge potential customers to call if they want more. It’s a great way to per-qualify customers.

Snail Mail – All mail is junk mail now. With so much being delivered digitally now, people’s mailboxes are almost empty. A mailer with interesting information is more likely to get some attention than just a few years ago when everyone’s mailbox was full every day. Try using regular mail that’s targeted to neighbourhoods that have the right demographic for your business

Newspapers and Flyers – Like mailboxes, print newspapers are getting to be lonely places. Many people read newspapers solely for the advertising. Offbeat print publications are especially good for getting people to read the advertisements.

Point of Sale – Racks of brochures were once stationed next to every checkout counter in the world. Internet marketers use online shopping carts for upsells now, but there’s no reason you can do it the old-fashioned way. If you sell retail, have printed goods for customers to grab on the way out the door, whether they’ve made a purchase or not. If you’re on a tiny shoestring, make a deal with a friendly shopkeeper to display your POS material at their checkouts.

Meeting Clients? Here are some Acupressure Tips to Prevent Mishaps

When meeting with a client, there are a number of things that can always go wrong and may lead to an absolute disaster. There are ways to avoid this especially with the use of acupressure. This is a process where the practitioner takes and applies pressure to certain parts of the body, this helps to reduce things like stress or headaches.

Sometime facial acupressure can make you more beautiful and help you to look and feel your very best. If you are in the middle of an important meeting, you will not want something that could derail the entire process to occur. This article will give you a few tips that will help to avoid these serious issues from forming.


If you are having a headache, then finding the pressure point that is associated with the head will be a crucial thing to do in helping the person recover; a natural alternative to “over the counter” pills. This is one of the biggest things that can hurt the chances at landing that big contract as it distracts you and makes you come across as not focused. Once you have pinpointed this pressure point then you need to apply pressure and maintain it till the headache leaves.

Back pain is another area that can really derail a meeting and sitting at a desk all day can produce spasms in the muscles. In the event that you suffer from this, then you need to simply apply pressure to the nerve cluster that is in charge of the spine, and allow your body to sit there and begin to relax. After a few minutes, you should see a drastic change in the level of pain that you are experiencing. This will help you to be able to focus more on the meeting that you are taking part of and not be as distracted.

The last area is that of stress, which is one of the biggest killers in business today as more and more pressure is forced with people that have high responsibility. This is one of the biggest things that will damage the chances of closing a very important deal in the world of business. You will want before the big meeting to go and get an acupressure treatment from a certified person. You will be amazed at the level of difference that will be seen when you take the time to let the stress melt away and not get caught up in all of the world’s stress. Still in doubt? You should read up on the “6 Benefits Of Acupressure That You Never” article and get information from a professional.

All of this advice is crucial in helping you to master the world of business, and to make the important decisions.

This is something that many business people all over the world have known for a great number of years. Putting these tips and advice to your use will help you to make that important decision and to close that deal that your company is hoping that a person of your talent can close.