Window Shutters vs Window Bars: What keeps out the thieves?

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If you’re located in Australia, then perhaps you’re aware of businesses like Modern Shutters or Crimsafe (with that old granny and rugby player in the ad) that promise to keep criminals out. They’ve been pushing roller shutters down our faces for year (longer than I’ve been alive). My point is I’ve been put in the middle of this debate amongst friends and have no idea how to settle it. It’s pretty much “what is a better product” when it comes to roller shutters or window bars.

According to this post on the Allianz website “the most common way for burglars to enter your home is by forcing a window (39%) or door (31%)” which I completely agree with. The window is one of those things that you might forget to shut, where a door you’re going to close as you leave. So the argument is not if it’s safe or not, we all agree there, but a few of think window bars look like shit and imply the house has a shit tonne of valuable stuff. Roller shutters could just mean you’re a vampire or hate glare on the tele in the arvo.

This is pretty much what started the debate with my mates, and it all comes down to what is the better option.

Window Shutters

They have more than one purpose, which is my main argument. If you look at a place like Modern Roller Shutters, then you’re going to get a “security and privacy” guarantee. Sounds bloody good to me and you can just roll them down when your next door number has his Sunday afternoon naked stroll around the house. Can’t do that with bars!

That is not my entire argument, by the way, I’m also keen on having the ability to completely roll them up into the roof. That is badass to me and you can’t hide away your permanent windows bars.

Another point I’d like to make is window bars are often fitted incorrectly, where the bolts are visible. Well, well, well, doesn’t take a genius to know that taking out the bolts will allow the bars to slide out easily.

Window Bars

Ok, so to keep this argument “fair”, I’m adding in window bars and I’ll hand over the laptop for it to be written by someone on “team bars”.

Yes, window bars are much better because they don’t use electricity, some roller shutter don’t actually keep criminals out as a guarantee either, so you’re not always going to get the product you pay for. I’m always open to trying things out and I have tried roller shutters from crimsafe already. Load of crap! Wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

Sure, bars can be bolted from the outside but most of them time they’re sealed in so you can’t take them out easily.


I guess the best option depends on your preference. If you don’t mind the look of window bars and don’t particularly care about blocking out the sun, then go for your life. If you prefer to have a nice open window, roll down when the sun comes in or when you need privacy then go for roller shutters.

If you want to throw your two cents in, leave a comment below and I’m sure one of us will have a go. 🙂

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